Specific legal solutions

legal advice

Evex provides clients with legal advice with regard to business management and development in Europe:

  • Consulting on debtor & creditor management
    Cash conversion cycle left unsupervised can make or break the company. EVES can help with implementation of effective monitoring system to ensure that company recovers money ought by debtors and is able to cover the creditors.
  • Restructuring of the company and legal reorganization
    EVES experts can help you to restructure or reorganize the company so that it will become cost efficient and will improve the performance of the company.
  • Tax advisory
    Taxes is part of the business and to avoid surprise loses taxes need to be planned ahead. EVES will help you do it and manage your taxes successfully.
  • Establishing holdings
    The business structure often plays the key role in preserving the company’s assets. The well thought through structure diminishes risks to minimum. Company’s business specific may not be suitable for all jurisdictions. For example, IT companies are better protected in Estonian jurisdiction.

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